The Wisley Foundation

Founded in January 2009, The Wisley Foundation was created to take a more strategic approach to the charitable funds raised by the members of The Wisley Golf Club. These members have donated generously over 26 years but it was believed that their money could be used more effectively if handled in a more considered manner.

It was determined that the focus of the Foundation’s activity would be to work with and support small, local charities in Surrey (and its surrounds) whose work was predominately, but not exclusively, with the young and the elderly. Charities where small donations could make a significant difference to the work they were involved in. As national and local governments experience budget cut backs it is often these operations that suffer financially. There are many who would believe that in a county as affluent as Surrey there would be a reduced need for social intervention. Nothing could be further from the truth. As our reach has expanded over the last eight years we have become more and more aware of the large scale of social issues that are prevalent in the county.

The trustees of the Wisley Foundation would like to thank the members and staff members of the golf club for their continued support.