Over £100,000 donated to local charities

In a record year, a wide range of organisations benefited – school children with speech difficulties, teenagers with social problems, horse riding and sailing therapies for children with physical and mental issues, adults suffering from MS, rehabilitation of adults with mental difficulties, care and advice for dysfunctional families, were all recipients. Each charity is chosen by the trustees after extensive research and awards are made only on an accountable, project basis.

The Foundation also launched a scheme to support member’s own charitable fund raising efforts. £5,000 was donated to members and staff who ran marathons, completed triathlons, long cycle rides and other activities for the benefit of others. This scheme will continue in 2016 along with a new initiative allowing members to auction a day with them at The Wisley in support of a charity of their choice. Information on both schemes are available from the trustees.

Looking forward to 2016, The Foundation is in a healthy position and is currently planning to make donations of up to £90,000 in the year. Some will be a continuation of causes that we have already embraced, but there are new ideas too, such as supporting the elderly suffering from loneliness and those struggling to make sense of new technology.

The Wisley Golf Club is a very special place as are its members. Drawn from many different nationalities and backgrounds, it is characterised by the warmth and friendship that is shown in the club atmosphere. Many local people in Surrey are not so fortunate and going forward they are going to find it more difficult to get the help they need from local and national government. The work of the Foundation speaks well of our club. It shows that we are compassionate people who do care about others and who are in a position to help. And because we “can” – we “should”.

The Trustees

January 2016